Association for the Development of Social and Health Tourism

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ADSHT wants to make the difference, to demonstrate that the path to development has to tackle all the outcomes of poverty and exclusion particularly health and well-being and that tourism can be one the answers to all these issues.

ADSHT supports consequently two major European programmes:

The European Platform against Poverty whose goals are:

  • ensuring economic, social and territorial cohesion
  • guaranteeing respect for the fundamental rights of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion, and enabling them to live in dignity and take an active part in society
  • mobilising support to help people integrate in the communities where they live, get training and help to find a job and have access to social benefits

The Calypso initiative that helps disadvantaged people to go on holiday
– while at the same time increasing tourism in the low season.

Calypso seeks to support 4 groups:

  • underprivileged young adults (aged 18-30)
  • families facing financial or other pressures
  • people with disabilities
  • over-65s and pensioners who cannot afford travel or are daunted by the challenges of organising a journey.

The Calypso exchange model:

  • promotes off-season tourism, particularly in regions where tourism is well developed but highly seasonal
  • gives less-known, small or emerging destinations the opportunity to promote themselves to a broader range of European tourists
  • encourages longer-lasting employment in the tourism industry by making it possible to extend jobs beyond the peak season.

By joining us, as an individual, a professional or private or a public stakeholder you will help us to bring forward these issues, to be influential both at a national and European level, to give a better and more progressive image of Romania and to share the belief that improved tourism initiatives and policies can bring some joy, health and income to those who are left behind.

The membership to our association is free. By becoming member, you will benefit from:

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Share your expertise, develop your knowledge and contacts and broaden your horizons by getting involved with the IET.

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Inspire a generation through our educational activities and study support tools.

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Supporting members both personally and professionally to achieve their goals by:

  • Having access to a network of international partners
  • Invitations to local meetings, events and activities
  • Free promotion in international tourism fairs where ADSHT participates

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